A way to protect your CMMS anywhere.


Outage, Hiccup, Glitch, Issue, Problem, Downtime, Crash

Protect your Easy preventive maintenance software from internet and data disruptions by subscribing to PremiumHosting, a fault-tolerant designed CMMS software service that ensures availability and reliability of your Easy CMMS.

Internet connection disruption

Protection from internet connection disruption

Each PremiumHosting subcriber receives a premium Android App for uploading and updating work orders to/from their smartphones and tablets over the internet.

Viewing and recording work orders can now be done offline and does not require always-on internet connections. So work can continue even when the internet is down.

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Internet Speeds Internet Speeds Internet Speeds Internet Speeds

Slow Internet speeds

Protection from slow internet speeds

Subscriber's CMMS software is housed on exclusive low density servers to avoid high overheads between subcribers. This ensure higher connection speeds for all subscribers as the volume of transactions per server is reduced.

Data Loss

Protection from data loss

PremiumHosting subscribers get priority backup services which are planned and automated to ensure recovery of their data in the event of disasters.




Data contamination

Protection from data contamination

PremiumHosting CMMS is deployed as single tenant architecture.

This means there is no sharing of databases which not only further improves connection speeds but also prevent cross data contamination and virulent cross access between databases.

Premium SupportPremium support by email during subscription

Free Data TransferFree Data transfer from Easy to PremiumHosting servers


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